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Sporting Events

DIOTOUR is a leading company in Turkiye in the fields of youth sports camps, sports travel and sports events, offering young people unique life experiences and personal development opportunities through sports, group living in a natural setting and the history and culture of Turkiye.

DIOTOUR organizes lifetime educational and inspirational travelling experience for students and young people. Our main focus is to learn more about Turkiye and the World, combining sports, culture, history, art, science and recreation!

• Over 10 years of experience organizing quality sports & cultural school tours.

• Custom designed packages tailored to the specialized needs of every School, College or University.

• All-inclusive & fully equipped sports facilities and amenities insuring a pleasant & an active time.

• Available a wide range of activities ensuring an unforgettable stay.

• Highly experienced staff provides personalized services 24/7.

• A warm, Mediterranean climate with a prolonged, sunshine period!  

We provide bespoke school tours depending on your basic travelling theme. Whether you choose to travel for sports, culture or simply for fun under the Mediterrenean sun, we will tailor the tour to your specifications and special needs.

  • Exercise your sport at top class facilities
  • Play friendly games with local teams
  • Visit the Classical antiquities of Turkiye
  • Participate in educational tours to museums and landmarks -watch theatrical plays and tragedies in ancient areas in Mediterrean area, Cappadocia, Black Sea area. 
  • Experience the authentic Turkish summer life & swim in beaches of unique beauty.
  • Sporting events, training camps on football, basketball, martial arts

These are just a few of the options that we offer, get a quote and find out more!





Tashkent Uzbekistan 13th World Shotokan Championships DIOTOUR





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